A son never sighted, never held. To have never seen the face of his father.
Is this a childhood? Is this freedom? Or despair?

For only time will tell.

A man raised from childhood, by a father never his. A city he can live in, but will never be home. Raised in shadow, by a shadow, a servant of his lord.
This is where we begin this story, a young man taught little, promised much, and warned of plenty. As he has grown from boy to man, he has developed talents unknown.

However a studious mind and grim determination can bring knowledge, skill, and power.
And so Young Loki has entered the world.

Worlds away, and millennium on. A different boy, a different story, a different dream.
But dream he does, of heroes and villains, of honor and glory. Surrounded by the vast chill of space, but a fire burns within his heart.
Battles fought, peace hard won, a soldiers honor earnt.

But life can be cruel, his mother ill, his people trapped in gilded cages of their own design.
But the Breach! And Ho! Hope once more, fills hearts and minds.
So into the unknown, time and again, pushing his limits, pushing his strength, seeking more.

But what is it he may find? And so Young Jacob has entered the world.

And ten comes the third, a strange child, older beyond her years and damaged by that which protects her.
Presented as a daughter, but wanted as a wife. Crazed she is called, but free she runs.
So good folk, what fares better freedom of body, but imprisoned of mind or a whole mind, and a caged body.
She uses her art to escape both mind and body, but knows not where she flees.
Trapped by walls that are not walls, free to travel far an wide.
but always the leash, always the hunter, always the eyes.
Why do they do that to the kitties…

Of Family, Past and Present.

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