The Cool One



Ah Loki. Me. Flamboyant. Cool. Unflappable. And, dare I say it, handsome. I apologise for none of the above. I am all these things and more. Because, when you look at it, life is just one big adventure. A chance to do things, see things, be things. Most people don’t. Not because they can’t, but because they don’t have the courage to. Not me. That little chestnut “Imagine what you would be, if you knew there was no way you could fail, and nobody to tell you that it was wrong.”? That’s my life motto.

So I live my life like it will never end and, you know, it probably won’t. I’m immortal, I’m a pretty fine magician if I do say so myself, and I want everyone around me to come along for the ride. So how about it? Saddle up, cast off, eject. What ever you have to do to get away from what you were. The Loki Train is leaving the station. All aboard!



Of Family, Past and Present. MisterBlaze